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Sustainable Solid Waste Management – 9th International Conference

15-17 Jun 2022, 09:00-19:30
Corfu, Greece

WalNUT will take part in the 9th International Conference on Sustainable Solid Waste Management will take place in Corfu on the 15th-17th of June.

The aim of the conference is to make a step forward in the field of solid waste management through the promotion of innovative technologies and effective practices. This year the conference will host of over 600 participants from 80 countries and 9 international scientific journals.

The CORFU 2022 Conference willstimulate the interest of scientific community, public and private stakeholders, policy makers and citizens on the latest  achievements in the field of solid waste management with special emphasis on municipal solid waste.

The priority in the conference agenda is given to the topics of waste prevention, source separation, recycling and production of secondary materials, biological treatment (aerobic & anaerobic) and the treatment at central facilities.

WalNUT project will take be a part of this huge conference with a talk on Friday 17th at 15:00 called “Closing waste water cycles for nutrient recovery” delivered by F. Corona, S. Sanz-Bedate, J.M. Martin-Marroquin, D. Hidalgo, J. Castro and L. Garrote from CARTIF- Centro Tecnólogico and ITAP Institute- University of Valladolid.

For WalNUT it is crucial to work in synergy with other European projects, building a collaboration network that is as big as possible and fostering knowledge exchange at European and global level. The Corfu conference, with its hundreds of participants and chances for interactions, will offer a perfect stage to show WalNUT methodologies, aims and strategies.

The abstract of WalNUT talk can be downloaded here.

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