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About the survey

We are carrying out a survey on Nutrient Recovery awareness. There is a specific questionnaire for each role in the waste water and fertilizer fields. Choose the one that suits you the best and give your contribution to close the waste water cycle!

Nutrient recovery awareness is a cornerstone to closing the waste water cycle and obtain new sustainable resources for safe, efficient and reliable bio-based fertilisers.  Innovative technologies and economic models are the keys to a sustainable future for us and our planet.
The food industry is torn between the need to accommodate the requests from a growing human population and the environmental risks associated with intense agriculture and fertilization.

The contribution of WalNUT to the development of a new agrifood model is redesigning the nutrient value and supply chain from wastewater and brine. The development of new nutrient recovery technologies will boost the circularity and environmental sustainability in the European agrifood sector to match the objectives of the EU Green Deal.

These are ambitious goals, and WalNUT cannot reach them all by itself. Your opinion and your experience matter.
With WalNUT, and thanks to your help, waste water is not wasted!


Waste Water producers

Take this survey if you are an industry/company representative with nutrient rich waste water stream(s)

  • available for valorization practices
  • applying or not nutrient recovery practices
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Urban Waste Water Treatment Plants

Take this survey if you collect, treat and/or recover nutrients from Urban Waste Water streams and other supply/sewerage/ waste management/remediation activities.

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Technology providers

Take this survey if you offer expertise on nutrient recovery technologies/processes.

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Fertilizer manufacturers

Take this survey if you are a fertilizer producer looking for specific nutrients or bio-based fertilising products.

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Take this survey if you look for cost-efficient bio-based fertilizing products (e.g. struvite, biochar, recovered nitrogen) and you seek consultation on how to use them.

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Policy makers

Take this survey if you facilitate the knowledge transfer on policy affairs, economic sustainability & bio-based fertilizers production/application.

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List of abbreviations

  • BBF: Bio-based fertiliser
  • CAPEX: Initial Capital Expenditure
  • EWC: list of EWC codes
  • MS: Member state
  • N: Nitrogen
  • NACE: list of NACE codes
  • NR: Nutrient Recovery
  • NRT: Nutrient Recovery Technology
  • OMPs: Organic micropollutants (Pharmaceutical residuals – addictive substances-
  • OPEX: Total Operational Expenditure
  • P: Phosphorus
  • PAHs: Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
  • PTEs: Potentially Toxic Elements (Zn, Cu, Ni, Pb, Cd, Cr, As, Tl or Hg)
  • WW: Waste water
  • WWT: Waste Water Treatment
  • WWTT: Waste Water Treatment Technology