Responsible partner: 3R-BioPhosphate Ltd.

Type of feedstock: Dairy and cheese dairy (acid whey)

Nutrients recovered: N, P, K, C and micronutrients

Process technologies: High temperature pyrolysis for biotech carrier/adsorber production; Liquid fermentation; Solid state fermentation and formulation; Liquid phase adsorption



3R will develop, design and test a specific liquid/solid state fermentation and adsorber integrated technology where the unexploited food industrial WW (acid whey) will be upcycled as liquid medium during the fermentation process. If required, additional food industrial by-products will also be added. The liquid fermenter (150 L/batch) will be inoculated by a selected agriculturally beneficial microbial strain (Trichoderma spp) or consortia of microbial strains. The obtained microbial biomass will be used for inoculation of the solid fermentation system where ABC Animal Bone Char adsorber added. The end-product is P/Ca enriched compound BBF in economical high nutrient density, microbial plant biostimulant and a clean irrigation water for horticultural application or other industrial uses.