Responsible partner: Aquafin NV

Type of feedstock: Real municipal wastewater/urban wastewater

Nutrients recovered: Nitrogen and Phosphorus

Process technologies: HRAS (high-rate activated sludge) and Adsorption/ion-exchange



A novel 2-stage process that combines (1) high-rate activated sludge (HRAS) and (2) adsorption/ion-exchange will be set up.

The first stage (HRAS) will mainly focus on the removal of organic matter. The proposed pilot can deal with an influent wastewater flow up to 60 m3/h. It consists of both a contact and stabilization tank. Besides, a clarifier and sludge recycle streams are foreseen as well.

During the second stage (adsorption/ion-exchange) we aim to recover at least 50% of the total nitrogen content from the influent wastewater, in the form of ammonium sulphate (from regeneration of the adsorbent) or as saturated adsorbent. On lab-scale, the type of adsorbent and dimensioning of the pilot are still under investigation. Bed volumes per hour (BV/h) are estimated between 8 and 40.