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D 6.1 – Inventory and integrated assessment of the EU regulations related to the production and application of bio-based fertilisers

The document acts as a guide in bridging the integrated WalNUT technological solutions with market and user acceptance. It addresses those partners who are developing market-competitive technologies and products to be demonstrated at TRL5 on a large scale.


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D 4.1 – Good experimental practice protocol

This deliverable focuses on the on standardisation of common terminology in a joint understanding with other European projects. In addition, it provides a harmonised protocol for field evaluation of the agronomic efficiency of bio-based fertiliser in the WalNUT project


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D 2.8 – Pilot plant demo definition

The document presents a summary of the results obtained in the tasks of nutrient recovery technology at lab scale, focusing on the best combinations of technologies and feedstocks. Comparisons between different technologies with the same aim, different feedstocks, pre-treatments, adsorbents or regenerants are included.


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D 2.7 – Report on Ion exchange and membrane contactors processes and Smart BBF formulation

The research aimed to study and optimise the operational conditions of the technology proposed in WalLAB for nitrogen recovery, to scale-up this technology in further WalNUT activities. In this regard, several tests were performed concerning ion exchange and membrane contactor technologies.


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D2.6 – Report on Nanofiltration and Selective Crystallisation Processes

The research presented in the deliverable focuses on the recovery of high-purity water, salts, and minerals, usually rejected in desalination processes. Salts of Mg(OH)2, CaCO3, and KCl recovered in the study resulted in such a good quality, that they can be used as nutrients for Bio-based Fertilisers.


DELIVERABLES - PDF — 3.82 MB — 05 Dec 2023

D 2.5 – Report on ABC- BioPhosphate: multi-functional biofertiliser and adsorbent

The study, focused on the dairy industry, aims at fully upcycling unexploited waste water stream acidic whey. The reuse of effluent water for moisture control of cattle manure, co-compost, and close the nutrient cycle resulted to be a viable solution for efficient upcycling of the unexploited dairy industrial waste water acidic whey.