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Published on 06 Dec 2022

The Nutrient Recovery awareness survey is online. This questionnaire is designed to address all the people who are involved in waste water production, nutrient extraction, fertilisers creation, and use. It is available on WalNUT project website.

Waste water streams are a valuable source of nutrients for the fertilisers industry. However, their potential is not exploited yet. Several barriers are blocking the way, such as the lack of efficient technology and adequate knowledge of bio-based fertilizers.

Our project WalNUT is removing these barriers by developing the necessary technology and mapping the local and European regulations for bio-based fertilisers. However, we cannot do it all by ourselves. We need help from all those who are involved in the nutrient recovery chain, from the waste water producers to the farmers who are going to use our fertilizers.

The survey is made of six different questionnaires, and each of them is tailored to a specific stakeholder. Read the description and fill out the questionnaire that suits your role. Your data will be collected anonymously and used by our project to foster the transition from mineral to bio-based fertilizers. Leading to a paradigm change in the nutrient industry, switching from a linear to a circular model.

With WalNUT, waste water is not wasted!

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