Past event

First workshop on Nitrogen Recovery

19 Jan 2023
Brussels and online
Brussels, Belgium

The first workshop on nitrogen recovery is open to all technology providers and developers. While in-presence participation in Brussels is only on invitation, online attendance is open to all.

The program has several points:

  • Literature search and technology inventory conclusions and overview, market perspectives vision
  • Current price and import crises, global nitrogen cycle
  • Perspectives from the fertilisers industry, water industry, and biogas operators
  • Technology sessions, including ammonia recovery (from gas cleaning or “stripping” of liquids), potential NOx /N2O capture for N recycling, N recovery from liquid phase
  • Final panel and discussion

A personal code for in-person limited places participation can be requested contacting Olivier Bastin, ESPP, and indicating what technology, market or regulatory expertise you can bring to this workshop.

To attend the workshop online it is possible to register through this link.

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